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Tired With Underperforming Google Ads?

Google Ads Audit Might Help!

Our proven, 10-point Google Ads Audit has helped company just like yours get unstuck and see what you can be doing better. Improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

Spending Too Much Money On
Google Ads?

You feel that no matter what you do you cannot lower your cost, and your CTR remains expensive. Discover how much money was spent on underperforming keywords, and how much more budget is estimated to be lost. Build a highly relevant negative keywords list and allocate your budget on the best quality searches.

Trouble Finding The Right Keywords?

Whilst you feel that you campaigns are great, not many people click them which indicates lack of search or interest.

Frustrated, Bored, Exhausted?
Don't Know What to Do
To Make It Work?

We don't blame you. The Google Ads environment is a bit complex. We get that. With our Google Ads audit we show you what matters for your day-to-day operations so as to waste less time managing it and more time with the things that are important to you.

Get Advice From A Professional!

Running Google Ads campaigns is one thing - running profitable Google Ads campaigns, is another. Google Ads can be frustrating, confusing and time-consuming. With our Google Ads Audit, you will know exactly if something is wrong with your your Google Ads and what you should focus on improving.

Our Google Ads Audit is performed by a top-rated Google Ads specialist who was an official Google Support Trainer at Google Barcelona and Google Lisbon.

10-Point Google Ads Check List

We perform a MANUAL Google Ads audit based on a 10-point checklist that includes:

1. Account settings

  • Is your account set up correctly?

  • Will it cause you problems in the long terms?

  • Each and every account setting is important to avoid the budget waste

2. Proper GA4 and conversion tracking setup

  • Stop tracking wrong data

  • 80% of Google analytics accounts are set up incorrectly in terms the specific marketing strategy for your vertical specifically!

  • Every Google Ads campaign goes through 1-2 weeks of learning based on settings and from GA4 data. Learning from a wrong set of GA4 conversions will form a deeper Funnel and attract a less targeted traffic.

3. Campaigns types, Shopping campaigns strategy or pMax campiagns, other settings

  • Are your campaigns settings relevant potential clients traffic or the strategy is wrong?

  • Do you waste money on bad bidding practices?

  • Is targeting set according to your TA interests and intents?

  • Is budget adjusted according to campaigns performance?

4. Search and other campaigns funnels

  • Have you implemented best practices when it comes to funnels for your niche?

  • How do you currently track your Funnel if any?

5. Gender, age, device, etc. bid adjustments

Optimise for the people, their age, and the devices they use to convert.

6. Ad Groups structure

Find out if you are using the wrong ad group structure in your Google Ads, and why this means wasting missed opportunities. It's also important to use cross negative keywords, to improve your account performance.

7. Keywords match types and grouping

Once setup, keywords are the next big thing on how customers are looking for your products

8. Negative and cross-negative keywords

  • Do you pay for keywords that you don't want?

9. Proper ads and ad extensions (assets)

Setup your ads, your copy, your CTA and ad extensions for the maximum conversion. Make each of them unique as well as related to both Ad Group keywords and your business vertical. Mention price and service advantages to increase conversion rate an decrease CPA.

10. Audiences implementation

Having the right custom audiences set helps you pay lower Cost per Click get higher conversion rate as long as you reach a more targeted traffic.

Get Unstuck In Your Google Ads Campaigns

Get Your Custom Expert Google Ads Audit, learn what is wrong about your campaigns and implement our recommendations, without paying anything - no obligation, no sales pressure.

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